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  • Do Cypress bikes carry a warranty?
    Yes. All Cypress bikes carry the following warranty: Bicycle Frame: 36 months Battery: 18 months Motor: 18 months Controller: 12 months Speed Sensor: 12 months
  • How does sizing work? Will I fit a Cypress bike?
    Cypress bikes are a good fit for anyone between 5’3” and 6’4”. They are designed to carry up to 350 lbs of payload, be it rider, gear, or luggage.
  • What class of E-bike does the Cypress Fantom fall under?
    The Cypress Fantom is a typically a class 2 E-bike with both throttle and pedal assist. Always check your local laws and regulations to confirm where you can ride a class 2 E-bike.
  • Is setup difficult? How long does it typically take to assemble?
    Most customers need between 45 and 70 minutes to unbox and completely assemble our bikes. We recommend checking out the official Cypress instruction video for a fast and smooth assembly.
  • Does the Cypress Fantom really handle any terrain?
    Yes, absolutely. The Cypress Fantom’s oversized tires give it tons of grip on anything from loamy trails in the forests of British Colombia to the rocky mountain passes of Southern California. You’ll also find that fat tires handle unlike anything else on snow-covered ground or loose terrain like deep sand.
  • What makes fat tires the best option for all terrain riding?
    While not all fat tires are created equal, the 26”x4” Keneda Shield K1 tires we use on the Fantom are some of the best in the business. They offer outstanding puncture resistance while also drastically increasing traction and reducing skidding in all conditions. Kenda designed the tread pattern of their K1 tires specifically for use in extremely wet and slippery terrain. The additional volume of the tire also greatly improves damping both front and rear, which reduces rider fatigue and improves rider safety.
  • What’s the main difference in the performance and design of the Cypress Fantom and Cypress Mounttie? Which is better for me?
    While both bikes are capable of handling both on and off-road riding, the Cypress Fantom’s larger tires are better suited for a wider range of outdoor activities. The Mounttie, on the other hand, is more suitable for long distance commuting, and can be fitted with either street-biased or trail-biased tires for added versatility.
  • How should I clean my Cypress bike?
    You can clean your Cypress just as you would any non-eleectric mountain bike. The battery pack is designed to handle water, although we do recommend removing the battery pack before hosing the bike down deliberately with water.
  • I have questions that aren’t answered here, where should I direct them?"
    If you don’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ section, please send your question over to our customer support team at .
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